Cross-cutting thematic lines

Two cross-cutting thematic lines that provide cross-fertilization between the two groups:

TL1-Space Systems (coordinator by A. Guerman)

Dynamics of spatial structures and aerospace propulsion are research topics which are the focus of attention of several C-MAST researchers. Issues such as orbital dynamics and stationary movements in orbit, stability and stabilization of orbiting systems through active control, and reliability of spatial structures have been targets of recent research with very promissory results. Increasing the efficiency of magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters is also a research topic actively pursued within the Centre. Project INFANTE, lead by Tekever Company, is a major project aiming to upgrade the Portuguese space industry capabilities, and C-MAST is taking leading research activities in astrodynamics and propulsion systems.

TL2-Optimization of Production and Technological Innovation (Coordinator by F. Santos)

The optimization of production includes research activities related to product development and optimization of production lines. The general objective is to increase the efficiency of all the value chain, including also a special attention to circular economy. A major project INDTECH 4.0, lead by PSAMangualde (Peugeot-Citroen Group), is now starting and its goal is to improve the efficiency and adaptability of short series of production in automotive industry, with impact on other value chains. Further, specific activities related to product development are supported in C-MAST: a recently created laboratory, FABLAB, allows incorporation of emerging technologies such as additive manufacturing under the concept of Industry 4.0.