Initially this research unit was created as “Centre for Aerospace Science and Technologies” (CAST), in 1994. Currently the unit is concerned with studies in both Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering, encompassing a wide spectrum of areas, from Astrodynamics to Energy and Structures. To accommodate this slight shift of strategic orientation, in 2013 it was renamed to “Centre for Mechanical and Aerospace Science and Technologies” (C-MAST).

The Centre is organized in 2 research groups:

  • AeroMaS – Aerospace Materials and Structures
  • EnerMeF – Energy and Mechanics of Fluids

and 2 cross-cutting thematic lines that provide cross-fertilization between the 2 groups:

  • Space Systems
  • Optimization of Production and Technological Innovation.

AeroMaS performs research on:

  • Space structures and systems
  • Composites, structures and nanotechnologies
  • Multifunctional materials
  • Sustainability and innovation

EnerMeF works in the topics:

  • Optimization of Energy Systems
  • Heat Transfer and Thermal Systems
  • Aerodynamics and Aerospace Propulsion Systems
  • Computational Models for Rheology and Magnetohydrodynamics/Electrohydrodynamics

C-MAST is nowadays a melting pot that helps its members  to feel a motivating research environment, and this is achieved through general objectives:

  • Carry-out high-level focused research;
  • Promote international research collaborations;
  • Improve the national and EU macro-regional development;
  • Train researchers via ambitious MSc, PhD and Post-Doc programs;
  • Support scientific employment through funded research contracts;
  • Foster scientific culture by means of outreach activities.